Pre-monsoon unveils the real face of smart city

Roads get flooded in Udaipur-Is this smart city?

Pre-monsoon unveils the real face of smart city

The most welcomed part of summers in monsoon. Udaipur city had 2 inches of rainfall in 2 hours’ time on Tuesday. This certainly brought happiness on all faces but it also revealed the real face of smart city Udaipur.

Videos and pictures of water logging started rolling over and the fear of loved ones getting stuck on the way home was the obvious effect. Areas of inner city and outer city as well were flooded with water. Vehicles could be seen stuck in the pot holes and two-wheelers had to be dragged to safety where some of the two-wheelers even got submerged. Water entered shops in Clock Tower area and roads were completely flooded making traffic movement impossible.

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Pre-monsoon unveils the real face of smart city

Though directives were issued by the Collector for clearing up of drains, yet the instructions seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Reportedly, Municipal Corporation did not show alertness regarding this issue and even the Town Hall premise faced water logging. Also the road work and sewerage line work has blocked the drains leaving no space for water passage. Durga Nursery road, Delhi Gate area, Clock Tower, inner lanes at University road and Bapu Bazar were all flooded.

There have been complaints regarding the poor and risky condition of government quarters at OTC. Water is oozing out from the ceiling, layers of plaster are falling now and then yet no action has been taken in this direction.

Urgent action needs to be taken as there is forecast of rain in the coming days. There are all the possibilities of the colonies flooding where boats will be required to pull people to safety. Udaipur city had faced similar situation years back where people were stuck in their homes since the ground floors had more than knee-deep water.

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