School building renovated by noble thinkers-Mewari Runners

Mewari Runners renovate a school in a village.

School building renovated by noble thinkers-Mewari Runners

A government school in a village was in shambles. It has now been renovated and turned into a safe place for the children who are interested in studying so that they can become good citizens. The school is situated in a village called Mata ji ka Kheda which is a little ahead of Badwasan Mata temple.

The people who turned it into a safe and secure building are none other than the runners of Udaipur city-The Mewari Runners. As informed by group member Dilip Soni, he observed that the building of the school was turning into an unsafe place for the children and the staff. The condition was such that there was fear of the building falling down in coming times. The point of concern was that the children were staying away from the school and missing out on their studies. This is what made Dilip Soni think and he requested the members of the group Mewari Runners to join hands for the repair and maintenance of this school building.

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It was in November 2018 that the group generously donated and the work began. The school building was repaired and painted and given a new look that pulled back the children into the educational environment. It was ensured that quality product is used for the building so that the building does not suffer similar damages again in the near future.

School building renovated by noble thinkers-Mewari Runners

A few of the people who came forward for the funds for renovation are Shakti Singh Dulawat, Dilip Soni, Kanti Jinger, Sanket Dangi, Jitendra Patel and other members of the Mewari Runners group. Noble thinking does not need any publicity; all it needs is people who think and act for noble causes. The generosity of people has once again made the school active with children swarming in for attaining knowledge.

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