School Principal commits suicide-Woman accused

Principal of a government school committed suicide.

School Principal commits suicide-Woman accused

In a most shocking incident, a school Principal committed suicide on Sunday alleging that a woman is responsible for this act. Principal of a government school in Dhar in Nai area, Manohar Singh Rajput committed suicide by hanging in his residence in Harsh nagar, Mallatalai. 2 minutes prior to committing suicide, the principal updated his photograph status on Whatsapp.

One of the images show him tying a noose around the neck bearing a caption that read-‘pardon and farewell’. The other image was that of a woman where her name was mentioned alleging that she was responsible for the suicide. The caption also had the mobile number of this woman. The principal left a suicide note alleging that the woman was from Kota and she was responsible for creating a hell out if his life. He alleged that she took 18 lakh rupees from him in instalments and was demanding more money. Manohar has not mentioned any kind of love affair between the two. Manohar’s son has filed a case of abetment to suicide against the alleged woman.

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Police has started investigations in this suicide case. More details will be made available later. The school staff is in a shock as two days prior to committing suicide, the principal did plantation in the school with teachers and students. Everybody claims that he was a good person and an environment lover. One year later his retirement is due for which the family and school were planning a party. Manohar’s wife passed away last year and he is survived by a son and a daughter who are married. The family is in a great shock.

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