Sweets shop owner accused of punching a man in the face

Bitter experience at the sweets shop.

Sweets shop owner accused of punching a man in the face

A man from Rajsamand has accused a sweets shop owner of punching him in the face. The report has been filed in Hathipole police station. 29 year old Shantilal Kharol filed a complaint in Hathipole police station that the owner of JMB in Hathipole area punched him in the face as a result of which Shantilal received injury on his left eye.

As per the report, Shantilal was at the sweets shop at Hathipole with his wife and 2 kids around 11:30 a.m. on Thursday. The family was having breakfast when a woman got down from her car and entered the shop. This woman had some conversation with the shop owner and then left. After she had left, the owner called Shantilal and punched him thrice in the face. Shantilal’s left eye got injured and his gold ear ring also fell. Police has registered the report and is investigating the case. People from the Kharol community gathered outside the police station when they learnt of this incident and demanded that immediate action be taken against the shop owner.

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