Taxi driver dies suspiciously in hotel room

Taxi driver dies a suspicious death in a hotel room.

Taxi driver dies suspiciously in hotel room

A taxi driver who came to Udaipur from Rajsamand died a suspicious death in a hotel room at highway. Prima facie he died of food poisoning, but police is investigating the case.

Resident of Kankroli, Vinod Khatik came to Udaipur with his friend Rakesh Mali for a vacation. Around 6 p.m., Vinod called for a girl and booked a room in Hotel Bhawana at Pindwara highway. It was around 8 p.m. when Vinod started feeling uncomfortable and he vomited blood and froth started oozing out of his mouth. He died before his friend could rush him to the hospital. His friend ran away from the spot in fear. Hotel employees searched for Rakesh and got him back to the hotel and informed police around 1 a.m.

FSL team were called for who collected evidences. Police had his post-mortem done with the help of medical board. Police found some drug in Vinod’s pocket. The preliminary investigations show that he consumed liquor over a certain drug which probably created a poison in his body and resulted in failure of heart or maybe he succumbed to food poisoning. Samples have been collected by the medical team for further investigations.

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