Taxi driver’s death in Pindwara-Family suspects murder

Was the taxi driver murdered??

Taxi driver’s death in Pindwara-Family suspects murder

A taxi driver died a suspicious death in a hotel in Pindwara on Monday. Reportedly his family has expressed their doubts and claimed this could be a murder.

Taxi driver Vinod Khatik died in a hotel at Pindwara highway. The prelim investigations revealed that he consumed some drug followed by an over dose of liquor which resulted in his death. But the family members of the taxi driver feel otherwise. They have appealed to police to carry out deep investigations as they claim that Vinod never consumed any drugs. Report has it that opium packet was found in his pocket.

The family says that if Vinod fell sick around 8 p.m., why he was not rushed to the hospital immediately by the hotel staff. They also said that if Vinod’s friend had run away from the hotel after the incident, why the police was not informed immediately. They claim that the drug was kept in his pocket as an alibi to mislead the police. Also the hotel’s CCTV cameras were not working and the register of the hotel does not show any record of entry as well. They claim it to be a murder and have demanded that the matter be investigated at priority.

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