Traffic rules awareness campaign held by NCC Cadets

Traffic rules awareness by NCC Cadets.

Traffic rules awareness campaign held by NCC Cadets

NCC Cadets took the responsibility of spreading awareness regarding traffic rules among the public. A campaign held by Community Traffic Police was joined by the NCC Cadets at Chetak Circle on Tuesday.

Students and NCC Cadets of Madhav Sanskrit Vidhyalaya began alerting the public about the importance of wearing helmet while riding a two-wheeler. Those who were found wearing helmets were praised and those who were not wearing helmets were explained how helmet helps during accidents. Females who had kept the helmet inside the box of their vehicle were made to wear it. Apart from this, 4-wheeler drivers were made to wear seat belts and the importance of following safety rules was explained. District Transport Officer Dr Kalpana Sharma informed that the awareness campaign will continue to make the people aware of the safety rules.

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The point that crosses everybody’s minds is that despite all the awareness campaigns, how come police personnel and even traffic officers are seen riding two-wheelers without wearing helmets. Do they not need any safety or is it that their uniforms are magical enough to keep them safe from accidents? Attention needs to be paid to this “Practice what you preach”.

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