Udaipur stands second in the number of foreign tourists

Foreign tourists love Udaipur.

Udaipur stands second in the number of foreign tourists

There has been a rise in the graph of foreign tourists in India. This assessment was brought forward in the annual report of tourism department.

As compared to 2016, there was an increase of 10 percent in data of foreign tourists. As per tourism department, French and American tourist numbers increased in 2017. In Rajasthan, French tourists outnumbered all other tourists in 2017. Americans were next followed by English on number 3.

This is the 7th year for Udaipur that foreign tourist numbers were seen going high. Udaipur stands second in the year 2017 after Jaipur which stands with the highest number of foreign tourists. Jaipur had 9,50,991 foreign tourists whereas Udaipur had 3,47,542 foreign tourists. Jodhpur stood 3rd with 1,69,264 foreign tourists.

Tourist chart of Udaipur for 2017

Country                Number

UK                          38334

Italy                       16805

Canada                 15650

Germany               30179

Australia                24377

Switzerland           5003

Japan                     2259

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