Unidentified persons set a bike to fire

Bike set to fire in Savina area.

Unidentified persons set a bike to fire

Some identified persons set a bike to fire in Savina area. The incident occurred on Sunday morning around 7:30 at Hadi Rani choraha hardly a distance away from the railway under bridge. Reportedly, this is the 3rd instance of a bike being set to fire in the same area. 2 days earlier, 2 bikes were set to fire which was noticed by the area’s councillor who informed fire brigade. Quick action was taken else the tea stalls would have been engulfed in the flames.

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It is being suspected that the bike was probably a stolen one or it was used for smuggling purposes after which it was set to fire to burn the evidence for safety. Police is on the lookout for the suspects. It may be noted that there are a number of tea and snack stalls here. Since no person has yet claimed the burnt bike, police is searching for the probable smugglers.

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