Villagers catch 1 thief while one runs away

Villagers catch a thief and hand him over to police.

Villagers catch 1 thief while one runs away

Villagers from Katara Paldi which falls under Ambamata area caught one thief while one managed to escape. The incident occurred on late Saturday night when villagers suspected the presence of a panther but found thieves instead.

Around 1 a.m. the ward panch was heading home from the city area. Suddenly he noticed that the cows seemed disturbed and were running around. He thought that it was probably a panther. He tried to check through the dark using his car’s lights. Surprisingly there were 2 thieves who were trying to hide behind the devra. He took the help of villagers and started looking out for the thieves. One of the thieves ran away but the other was caught and beaten up before being handed over to the police. The one who ran away had attempted theft even earlier and was caught and handed over to the police by the villagers. This time he managed to escape.

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