Wall of under-construction house collapses

Wall of an under-construction house collapsed on Sunday.

Wall of under-construction house collapses

Wall of a 3 storeyed house under construction in Durga colony in Devali area collapsed on Sunday. This damaged the neighbouring house to some extent but thankfully there were no casualties. The owner of the under-construction house is Mustan s/o Waqar Ali Chunawala. The bricks from the collapsing wall fell on the neighbour Shabbir’s house. This caused damage to the water tank on roof top and even the wall of roof top got damaged.

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When the wall collapsed, it created an explosion like sound. Even the neighbours rushed out of their houses. Suresh Nahar from UIT and police reached the site. The contractor was directed to stop construction immediately as the house is being constructed on agricultural land. Most of the houses in this area have been constructed on agricultural land and they are illegal. One of the residents informed that houses are constantly being constructed here without permission and security issues are not followed but no action is being taken against these illegal constructions.

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