Where will PM’s helicopter land in Udaipur?

Where will PM Modi's chopper land in Udaipur?

Where will PM’s helicopter land in Udaipur?

PM Narendra Modi will be addressing the public in Udaipur on 22nd April. The issue that has just come up is about the landing of PM’s helicopter. As per reports, district administration had plans of creating a helipad in Field Club but Field Club has refused to provide space for helipad. Now where will the helicopter land?

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Reportedly, there is a court stay on the land on which the helipad was to be created, hence Field Club authorities refused to provide this land for helipad. Now administration is trying to create a helipad on the grounds of Railway Training School. It may be noted that there are some security issues if a helipad is created on railway training ground. There are huge buildings near the ground which can hinder the landing and take-off of the helicopter. The other option is Tiger Hills where PM’s helicopter had landed in 2017 during his Udaipur visit. The arrival of Special Protection Group (SPG) is awaited. If the SPG allows making helipad on railway training grounds, then the task will be carried forward. Administration also checked the ground of Vidhya Bhawan School  but the space is not enough for the landing of three helicopters together.

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