Woman gets robbed in roadways bus

Women get robbed in roadways bus by unidentified.

Woman gets robbed in roadways bus

A woman from Aspur area got robbed off her gold jewellery in a roadways bus. As per news, 2 women boarded a roadways bus from Aspur at 2 p.m. They had a bag with them which contained a box full of gold jewellery. The box was still in the bag when the bus reached Salumber. When the bus was crossing Kevde ki nal, the woman checked her bag again and to her shock, the box was not there.

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The women informed the bus conductor about the box being stolen after which the driver stopped the bus at Savina police station. Police checked every passenger and every baggage but did not find the box anywhere. The only probability is that one of the passengers who got down at Jaisamand and another stoppage after that might have stolen the jewellery box. Savina police sent information to Jawar Mines police regarding this theft. The women even went to Jawar Mines but could not get any clue about the robbery.

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