Youth blackmails woman-Case registered

Stop befriending strangers over social media.

Youth blackmails woman-Case registered

Friendship with a stranger over social media has proved to be dangerous in most of the cases. Yet people befriend strangers, fall into trouble and then are forced to take help of police. A married woman living in Sector 6 in Hiranmagri befriended a youth over social media a month back. They started chatting on the social media and eventually exchanged mobile numbers. The youth played the game here. He asked for the woman’s photographs and then even asked her to meet him. When the woman refused to meet him, he started pressurising her and even threatened to post her photos over social media. When the woman still did not give in, he posted her photograph on her sister’s Id.

When the woman’s husband learnt of this episode, he tried to contact the youth on his mobile number. The youth threatened the husband of defaming his wife. After this, the couple reported the incident to Hiranmagri police who is now investigating the matter. A case has been registered against this youth.

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