Youth gets stuck in nallah-Rescued after 2 hours

Youth saved from drowning.

Youth gets stuck in nallah-Rescued after 2 hours

A youth from Udaipur got stuck in a nallah in Dabok area. He was rescued after a search operation that continued for 2 hours. As per reports, some youths from Jagdish Chowk area, Udaipur, went to Khandeshawar Mahadev temple in Dabok area. After visiting the temple, all of them entered the river nearby for a bath. Since the flow of the water was quite a speedy one, one of the youths named Sanskar Sharma was swept away by the waves and he went into a nallah where his leg got stuck into the iron rods. He tried his best to pull himself out but couldn’t. Sanskar then called out to his friends but they also failed to free his leg. Since the water was neck deep and was flowing with full force, the friends started shouting for help which was heard by the villagers.

The villagers then entered the water with the help of supporting ropes and tried their level best to keep the youth’s head out of water to keep him alive. Disaster Management and relief teams were called for.  In the meanwhile, the DYSP and SI of that area also reached the spot. Taking immediate action, they had the gates of Udaisagar closed to stop the force of water. When the water level normalised, a big part of the bridge was broken with machines to change the direction of water. The youth could be pulled safely out of water after a 2-hour rescue operation. The youth has suffered injuries on his leg. His family members also reached the spot after his friends informed them of the incident.

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