Youth loses 2.75 lakh rupees to online fraud


Youth loses 2.75 lakh rupees to online fraud

A youth became a victim of online fraud and lost 2.75 lakh rupees. The temptation of getting cash prize proved to be a huge blunder. Resident of Akashwani colony, Bhupesh Kumar informed Hiranmagri police that he got a call offering a good cash prize tempted by which he lost his own money.

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Bhupesh was given information about a certain “shop for max” website. As per the offers, he was to get some cash prize for shopping worth 999 rupees. He bought a pair of jeans and paid online. After this he got a call saying that he was eligible for a cash prize for which he had to pay an amount of 7380 rupees after which he would be paid 41 thousand rupees online as cash prize. This way he kept falling prey to calls and kept on paying and in 10 attempts in 3 months he lost close to 3 lakh rupees to these fraud calls. He was even informed that he has also won an Alto car and that the car would be delivered at home. When neither the money nor the car arrived, Bhupesh realised that he had been duped.

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