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One arrested as Police cracks Savina Murder Mystery; Missing Head found

Police team stand with Prahlad Meena, 21, accused of Heeralal’s murder

Solving one of the most complicated murder mysteries of town, Udaipur police has arrested the prime accused in Heeralal Gameti‘s murder case and have also found the missing head of the victim which was buried at a remote hillock.

The brutal murder that shocked the city was executed on the night of 2-3 February at a farm, located at Savina’s Naya Ghar area. The main accused, 21-year-old, Prahlad Meena was arrested and he has also confessed to the crime. In the interrogation, Prahlad also disclosed the place where he buried the skull of Heeralal.

Resident of Bilakh village, Prahlad with one of his friend Kishan used to commit thefts and burglaries and often spend their nights at some abandoned houses situated on the farms at Naya Ghar area.

Both used to come to Heeralal Gameti at nights but Heeralal was unaware about Prahlad and Kishan’s illegal activities.


Few days before the murder, Heeralal came to know about Prahlad and Kishan’s activities and threatened to inform police about the same. The fight also took place on the night of 2-3 Feb. This time, Prahlad decided to kill Heeralal. He first assaulted the 55-year-old victim with rear part of his sword and made him unconscious. He then cut his throat and removed the head from body.

He then took the head to a nearby well, washed it, wrapped it in a cloth and took it to a hilly area near his village Bilakh and buried it.

In the police interrogation, Prahlad also disclosed that he came under influence of a Tantrik at Jhadol who asked him to bring a buried human skull to him. While slaughtering Heeralal, he remembered the words of tantrik and brought the head with him.

Police is searching for the co-accused Kishan and also looking for the tantrik.

The incident and statement of accused was narrated before media in a press conference held by Police Superintendent Hari Prasad Sharma.

Several police officers were involved in investigating the murder and in nabbing the accused.

After finding the skull of Heeralal, police has called victim’s relative to identify the skull. The skull is currently currently kept at mortuary.

DNA test of the body and the head will be done and the report will be presented in the court. The postmortem will be done through Medical Board.

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Accused of murder arrested...

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