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Paintings are beyond words: A. Rashid

Written by M.A. Azad

Rajasthan is home to India’s most elaborate artwork. From hand-carved animal sculptures to larger-than-life puppets, a myriad of artwork can be found in Udaipur. The city has given many artists to the world. Let us talk about someone who is famous but not in news.

Born in the year 1949, Abdul Rashid, commonly known as Rashid Sir is an interesting man, a multifaceted Personality. If he captures your interest through his art, he also amuses you with his teaching ability.  Udaipur’s resident, a teacher by profession and an artist by hobby, inspires a feeling of awe even as he opens his studio –with Clay Pottery, Sculptures and Versatile Paintings.

rashid-sirHe spent his early childhood in a small village of Rajasthan called ‘Devli’. He loved drawing more than school, noticing that the fatherly figure an English Literature scholar his elder brother Principal A. Rauf, who was the sole bread winner for the family allowed him to fulfill his dreams. With the innate passion for art, he joined the University of Udaipur and obtained a Master’s degree in   1976. During this phase, he developed a deep appreciation for the works of artists like Dr. O.D.Upadhyaya, the name well known in M.L.S.U University. He considered him as his guide, mentor and the best teacher.

After completing his professional education he joined St. Paul’s Sr. Secondary School as an art teacher. He gave the detailed training and described the way to develop illustrations. He emphasized the students to improve the sketch part, as it would help them to join any Engineering, Fashion design or Architect training institution.

Rashid`s pioneering spirit has made him experiment with a wide range of mediums like Clay, wood, oil, water and soap stones. Rashid developed his own style with time. Though he incepted doing figurative paintings, he gradually moved on to abstract later on as his works were published in some of the well- known magazines like ‘Navneet Digest’(Mumbai), ‘Aajkal’(Delhi), ‘Veena’ (Indore), ‘Tahreer’(Delhi), ‘Sahabkhoon’(Delhi), ‘Sambodhan’(Rajsamand) and An introduction to computers(Udaipur). Some of his works can be seen in the campus of St. Paul’s School, Udaipur. They show the meticulous manner in which he has worked upon his paintings. His paintings pulsate with throbbing energy as they are incorporated with different materials such as sand, cement, straw or wood for their texture. He participated in a group show organized by Lalit Kala Academy, Jaipur in 1977. Whereas; his works were appreciated in the show ‘Sharsti group of artists’ in 2009.


As we know, all artists are thinkers, powerful thinkers. They hold a strong introversion within themselves. They follow the concept of viewing the world from inside, the inner self, inner ideas, and then moving outward. Likewise, Rashid never wanted to become famous and earn a good amount of money, he was satisfied with his career as a teacher. That’s the only reason he chose to teach. His paintings showcasing landscapes and townscapes during the 80’s gradually metamorphosed to become expressive abstract works.

The dire poverty and misery of people all round anguished Rashid too much when he was young. As such, most of his early paintings are a pungent reminder and pointer at the sorry state of affairs in the society during his time. He believes in not hurting religious sentiments through paintings. When he was asked about his paintings he says, “These can’t be explained”. Probably, he believes in Picaso, who says:

“As far as I am concerned, a painting speaks for itself. What is the use of giving explanations, when all is said and done? A painter has only one language.”– Pablo Picasso, Art World


More Interests

Rashid is also a good photographer, not only stills but live portfolios are also included in his mastery. He’s a die-hard fan of actor Guru Dutt. He’s also fond of music and reading. Basically, he listens to ‘Talat Mehmood’ tracks. He says, “I worked as an art director for the first ever made video film in Udaipur ‘Kalyug ka Tantrik’ and ‘Mehka Aangan’. The versatile painter is planning to exhibit his new works soon.

Last year he has retired from his job, but he is always seen surrounded by his Ex.Students, who touch his feet and love him for many reasons.

On the behalf of UdaipurTimes.com, family and friends, I wish him a good everlasting happiness and success.

ma-azadAbout Author :

M.A Azad is a director, writer and poet from Udaipur. His works were published in ‘Samata Sandesh’, ‘Madhumati’ and ‘Sambodhan’.
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  1. ajay gupta says

    A good article on a real and a down to earth artist of udaipur. And the most loveable teacher and my colleague of St. Paul’s.
    Other than drawings, he is very passionate about stage, drama, music.
    I wish him a very bright future.

  2. says

    I have always been another family member to him, and being one of his eldest son good friend for years, I believe he has always chosen lighter moods to spell out harsh realities. He has been always a mentor and guide and I have learnt most of my calligraphy and wash painting technique from him.
    He always had best offers from abroad but his innate desire to teach his students was always a priority.

    Thank you Sir, for helping me grow more creative…

  3. Imtiyaz says

    A very good teacher and a very good artist, it nice to see that world has recognised his talent.
    We all pray to Allah for his better health and long life.

  4. Abbas says

    Thanks Mr Azad for this wonderful article on Rashid Sir. He was in fact a very good artist, human being and of-course a good teacher. We used to relish, relax during his class after a hectic Mathematics, Science lecture.
    Wish all of you a Happy and Blessed 2011. Best wishes to udaipurtimes team for publishing refreshing articles about the issues, lives of people…..
    Keep up the good work.

    Abbas Ali

  5. says

    i feel honoured as he’s my father in-law ,perhaps he’s given me affection more than anyone else in my’sasural”.He’s a great artist and a good human being too.
    I shall adore him throughout my life.

  6. says

    This article made me remember my school days at St. Paul’s when Rashid Sir used to take our drawing classes. Truly speaking at that time we never realized that we were being taught by such a genius. In almost every class he used to either make the chalk board his canvas or just used to take up the drawing book of some student and complete his drawing and give it a new life and show it to all students…. and we used to all get up from our benches and flock over that drawing.

    U always Rocked Rashid Sir !

  7. mohammed attari says

    love you Rashid Sir.. really happy to see you after long long time….
    Thanks UT team for sharing this…


  8. mubarak hussain says

    Thank you UT for the article. Salam to Rashid Sir. He used to call me Mubarika. I met him at school 2 years back , he is still same ..may allah bless him with good health always. I am revinding my past days spent with Sir..UT you are doing a great job…please highlight more on teachers from every Udiapur school…they are the ones who makes us stand in this world on our feet …confidently ….Sir fav word to any student doing masti was…E Bhopu………sir all your bhopu;s miss you….

  9. Kailash Sharma says

    One of my all time favorite teacher in St. Paul. Your guidance has helped a lot and are still. I feel proud to ur student.



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