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Parishad's Laziness Upsets Bohra Ganesh Residents


Creating havoc for the residents and passers-by, a major part of the road near Bohra Ganesh area has been blocked since past 7 days due to reparation of drainage system being carried out by Udaipur Municipal Corporation (nagar parishad).

Except warning boards, little or almost no progress has been noticed since a week and the condition of the area is so worst that it is almost impossible to pass through that road. Moreover, many accidents have occurred due to open holes on the pathway.

Rajesh Sahu and Dinesh Sahu who own a shop in the area said, “The road was digged 7 days back and the actual work was done only on the initial 2 days. And since then we have not seen anyone from either Municipality or the contract workers.”


“Dirty water and foul smell is spreading around the area because of this so called repairing activity, it is bothering the entire neighborhood,” Sahu said.

Being one of the major connecting roads between MLSU and Bohra Ganesh area, traffic is also affected badly, it is almost unmanageable for any vehicle to cross the road.

Sanjay Taneja, a resident of the same area informed, “Many vehicles lose their balance while crossing this opening. This can cause fatal accident at night time.”

bohra-ganesh-road3The occupants of the region are upset with local authority for prolonging the work and they have decided to protest against the disruption.

The area is divided into two wards, Ward-35 and Ward-36 and the councilors for these two wards are Madhu Paliwal and Shipra Upadhyay respectively. Both could not be reached as their phones were either switched off or did not respond to our call.

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  1. vijay says

    Thumbs up for this feature, Kali Garg. My suggestion is that:
    1. Repeat the feature after one week. With the progress or no progress status.
    2. UT: Have special corner on the website for such articles. Just to show what is not right in the town.
    3. I request readers of UT to form different committees to highlight problems faced by “common man” like a. pothole committee, b. no parking space committee, c. not enough water committee, d. no electricity committee the list could be endless. Bur unless we act there is going to be no response from the Gov or the elected representatives. Are you ready? UT readers!

  2. says

    Knowledge > IQ > Resources is Mandatory for any Development > Right use of Resources in wrong way Development is not Tolrable. True knowledge reduce the gape of AttachMent. Utilize uniform equation > Rising udaipur for uniform peace Via UdaipurTimes. GoAhed

  3. ManMohan says

    Thanks for publishing the concern. I condemn the ignorance and undutiful attitude of the authorities.
    I remember, once for cleaning the sewer, munipality digged it and the work was carried only for the first day and that too only the digging. Later none of the workers or the authority turned up for almost one month.


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