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[Photos] Eid Milaad Procession in Udaipur


Muslims of Udaipur marked the auspicious festival of Eid Milaad-un- Nabi (Birthday of Prophet Muhammad) with mass celebration, consisting of a colorful procession held today in the city.

A large number of Muslim fraternities, dressed in traditional attires and holding Islamic flag celebrated the festival with utmost devotion. The procession started from Anjuman Chowk laden with number of decorated vehicles, horses and camel carts, passed through various city areas and concluded at Brahmpol.

Diverse groups and Anjumans welcomed the procession with traditional Itr and Niyaz, while the procession passed through sabeel.

Devotees from nearby places of Udaipur district also took part in one of the most important festivals of Muslims.

Our reporters and photographers, Sayeed Ahmed and Rahul Soni, covered the event through their lenses. Check out the photographs of Procession of Eid Milaad-un-Nabi celebrated in Udaipur.

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