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[Photos] Two Leopards spotted near Lake Fateh Sagar


In a scary case of wildlife moving too close to the human corridor, two leopards were seen playing and roaming freely in Thur ka Magra, located at Raniroad near Lake Fatehsagar. 


On Friday 28th Feb, a local farmer Bansilal Meena informed of hearing loud roars since early morning and that of the same continuing till 9am. The activities of leopards were noticed for over 4 hours after which both leopards disappeared in the forest area.

The unusual activity has sent alarms within forest department, on what has brought these wild animals so close to the human habitat. This infringement has a potential for being dangerous for both humans and animals.

Leopards are found in huge number in Udaipur and other nearby regions of Mewar. They mostly live in Aravali Hills but are not very commonly visible because of their particular shy habits.





A photographer, Ram Singh reached the spot after getting information from Bansilal and captured some very rare photographs of these leopards.The dark ring like patterns that cover the Leopard’s coat provide the wild cat with camouflage into the surrounding environment and makes it very difficult to observe them. 

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    Good pics by your photographer. It is a debatable issue as on who is encroaching on the territorial rights. Humans building ferociously on leopards land or otherwise.


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