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[Poem] Dr.B R Ambedkar Savoir-Faire and A Trouvaille of India

dr-br-ambedkarBorn at Mhow,

Millions were enraptured when his endogenous ideas effused,

Which were not skewed,

But were always shewed and previewed.

He belonged to Madhya Pradesh,

Said yes to afresh and to afresh,

He refreshed,

To make his ideas synchromeshed

Hence never got enmeshed, which

Made him like a VARGHESE.

Brilliant in economics, architectonics and hedonics,

Kept him always loaded with an umpteen of competencies and skill,

Helped him to edify and educe persons at his will.

Since he dazzled in law and political science,

Effloresced when he moved ahead with defiance and compliance,

Which in turn taught us how to get riddance from dalliance and malevolence,

And hold ebullience and benevolence,

To arrive at a state of salience.

He was never in appall,

Because he always forestalled.

He neither mauled nor he hauled

and this had helped him many things to install.

His concinnity was very much conspicuous,

And at the MALL,

He was neither vociferous nor obstreperous

But was always harmonious and diaphanous,

This made INDIA free from caliginous.

Brilliant to create situations ex nihilo,

Made all to blow and glow.

With the changing world he was always in tune,

Hence not needed to entune,

To be in a state of commune.

He created a world of non-discrimination with no deceleration,

Where people worked with adhesion and cohesion,

Hence there was no confusion or declension,

But there was plenty of satisfaction and appreciation.

In a colloquy he was an active collocutor

but he neither colluded nor eluded or deluded.

Blessed with an unique proclivity to colligate and collocate

But not to dislocate,

Like a weaver bird which build its nest to accommodate,

That oscillates and fascinates.

Always hilarious, bon-homie and simplicity as beautiful

As a rosarium,

Sparkled with brilliance like a magnesium.

When he addressed he never quibbled or drawled,

And if a brawl befell,

Had enough talent to thrall.

But he was at his best

When in a demure state,

A state for concentration

Which draw everybody’s attention.

This Poem has been written by Prof. K Sarkar, he is a lecturer at Shree Vaishnav Polytechnic College, Indore.  
Let’s make the understanding of the poem easy Savoir-faire: quickness to see & do the right thing, Trouvaille: a lucky find, Effuse: to send or force out, Skew: to take an oblique course or direction, Shewed: demonstrated, proved, Afresh: start again, Synchromeshed: smooth changeover from one phase to another, Enmeshed: entangled, Varghese: people with this name tend to be logical thinker. They are successful as administrators, Architectonics: systematization of knowledge, Hedonics: The branch of psychology that studies pleasant & unpleasant sensations and states of mind, Umpteen: a lot of, Edify: Improve morally or intellectually, Educe: bring out or develop from latency, Defiance: bold resistance, Compliance: capacity to yield, Dalliance: the deliberate act of delaying or playing, Malevolence: malicious behavior, Ebullience: enthusiasm, Benevolence: inclination or tendency to do good to others, Salience: the state of being salient, Appal: dismay, Forestall: to think beforehand, Haul: drag forcibly, Maul: to injure greatly, Concinnity: neatness, elegance, Conspicuous: catching the eye, Vociferous: noisy, Obstreperous: turbulent, Diaphanous: transparent, Caliginous: gloomy, Ex nihilo: out of nothing,Commune: to be in a state of intimate, heightened sensitivity and receptivity as with one’s surroundings, Colloquy: conversaton, Collocutor: a partaker in a talk, Colluded: to act in concert in a fraud, Elude: to escape by strategem, Delude: to deceive, Colligate: to bind together, Collocate: to arrange, Hilarious: gay, Rosarium: rose garden, Demure: quiet and reserved, Enrapture: delight, Endogenous: originating from within, Mall: a place where justice is administered, Bonhomie: friendly, approachable, Quibble: to play on words, Drawl: to speak with lengthened or drawn out vowels, Befell: happen, Thrall: to control somebody, Brawl: quarrel or fight  
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