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[Poetry] I Love You Maa


Maa (Mother) a combination of all care and affection, she is a mirror to a child and personification of love.

Maa, an attribute to gracefulness..MAA …meri MAA pyari MAA.

I think more than a boy, a girl finds friends in her.MAA in all roller coaster rides of world, you are the one who stands beside me & says enjoy all ups & downs of life.

 I personally feel that making one day special for your MAA doesn’t pays up for the days she has suffered for you & made you feel the best in you …so today seeing my mother I dedicate this poem to all mother daughter relationship…..love you MAA.

A poem for all mothers through the heart of all daughters.

Sometimes fantasy glides my heart to create an angel , I shut my eyes & see you ..MAA Sometimes tears roll down my eyes & smile vanishes , I find my smile in you …MA A Sometimes I want to shout on roads to express my happiness  I find  u besides me ..MAA Sometimes I  want to erase all my mistakes with an eraser, I find that eraser in you ..MAA Sometimes I just need to hug you MAA to get all joys of world Sometimes I just feel to write about you but I cant &  find that I can’t express your influence in a few million combinations of A TO Z Sometimes I just simply need to say I LOVE YOU …MAA

2 years ago

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