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Politics gripping the future of Udaipur Veterinary Hospital

Youth Congress of Udaipur has demanded to shift Udaipur’s Veterinary Hospital located at Chetak circle to another decent location so that the building could be used by Maharana Bhopal (MB) Hospital as number of human patients are increasing everyday in comparison to ailing animals.


Jai Prakash Nimawat – president of Youth Congress with several party workers handed over a memorandum to Additional Deputy Magistrate (city) M.L. Chouhan today, the letter is in the name of Chief Minister of Rajasthan.

According to the letter, the state runned veterinary hospital which is located in a city center is of no use as everyday approximately 20-25 dogs are treated there, while in MB Hospital more than 1000 patients visits its outdoor.

The compound of veterinary hospital is too large then its actual need, so it is be better if it gets merge with MB Hospital and veterinary could be shifted somewhere outside the city, as written in the letter.

Youth congress requested to hand over the veterinary compound to MB hospital on 15th August.


The 62 year old building of Veterinary Hospital has special wards for different animals including training school and offices of zonal director and sting director.

According to Yogesh Joshi – Deputy Director of veterinary hospital, they treat more than 100 pets’ everyday and execute at least 3 operations. “We strongly oppose this memorandum, there is no logical point of merging this compound with M.B hospital as they have ample free space of 2 lac sq.ft. to extend the hospital with another 15000 sq.ft which is still unused”.

Moreover, it is not at all possible to get connective entry for both MB hospital and veterinary hospital, says the officer.

report by Sayeed Ahmed

4 years ago

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  1. vijay says

    It seems like a fight of survival. Not between homo sapiens v/s animal kingdom. But between human doc and vet docs.

    • Zaheer says

      Then why any political party is jumping in between? let the vets and other docs decide with their respective authorities.

  2. Deepak says

    poor animals!!! who would stand up for them??? Hospital has a huge campus y not utilize that first before even thinking about additional space. i guess standing up for animals would never ensure a good media coverage!!!!


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