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Post Graduate Student dies of Electrocution

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The death of Aamod Joshi, a 23 year old student of the PGDM program at Advent College, Badi, Udaipur, has sent shock waves across the institute and friends, family, and well-wishers in the city.

While talking on his mobile he ventured out into the balcony, outside which a high voltage wire was passing.  Not seeing the wire, the boy touched the wire and was electrocuted.  The shock resulted in his body crashing back into the balcony floor, where he got seriously injured on the head.

While unconscious and profusely bleeding, he was rushed to Lake City hospital, where in turn he was referred to GBH American Hospital.  Aamod succumbed to his injuries and the electrocution yesterday evening soon after being admitted to the hospital.

The residents (friends) had warned Aamod that there was a high tension wire passing by outside the balcony and that he should be careful.

However, it was while talking on the phone, that Aamod accidently touched the wire and was electrocuted.  This incident occurred at 7 in the evening

Aamod, s/o Nitin Kumar Joshi, resident of Ahmedabad was enrolled as a student under the PGDM program at one of the city’s premier institutions, Advent College.  Yesterday evening, 2nd June, subsequent to the end of the day’s activity at the college, Amod was visiting his friend’s house at A-1, New Ahinsapuri, Fatehpura.

The Advent College has a practice of facilitating a bus service each Saturday evening, which takes hostel students to the city for sight-seeing and shopping.  Aamod, who was part of this group, completed his chores and went with his friends at Advent College, who were staying in a house in New Ahinsapuri.

The body has been kept at the city’s mortuary after the Post Mortem and a case has been filed with the Ambamata Police Station.  The cremation will take place at 3 pm today in the presence of Aamod’s parents and family members.

Information and news provided by Shabbir Hussain and Sohail Khan

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  1. Pratima says

    Aamod was true to his name. Anyone who ever interacted with him would only remember an ever-smiling face. The word ‘untimely death’ may sound a cliche, but in Aamod’s case it hurts most painfully. He was not only an extremely well-mannered and sincere student but also one of the most bright and creative brains in the campus. There was so much potential ahead of him. So much left to even get started. I would always remember him as the innocent lateral thinker of my class who always brought a smile to my face with his rut-breaking ideas and mind tickling questions. We will always remember you Aamod for the smiles you stirred. Travel in peace…. Pratima

    • B.R.DWIVEDI says

      It is unfortunate & untimely death of Mr Amod Joshi. I am really saddened by Amod’s death. Amod was always so kind & considerate to me. His passing will not only leave a void in our lives, but in the heart of every one who knew him. Amod memory will always remain deep within heart.
      My sincere thought and prayer are with you.

  2. Nikhil dhamapurkar says

    i remember aamod as a playful jolly guy who always made me smile with his nonstop activities. was very happy when he got admission in udaipur but unfortunately this decision proved fatal..i really cant understand how the shit high voltage wire anyone can leave open in balcony..he become a victim of poor administration of our system..my condolences to his parents for his sad demise. missing you brother. may your soul rest in peace.


    The most sensible student of my hostel has gone into the piece.
    creativity is stopped after he went . you are always in my heart and mind also… always gonna to miss u my brother. God gives piece to your soul in entire universe… RIP


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