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Pre Monsoon Rain Disturbs BSNL Network in Debari, Officials Turn Faces


While residents of Debari and Dabok are facing continuous network failure of BSNL mobile phones, officials of both BSNL and AVVNL are trying to stay away from the dilemma and indirectly putting allegations on each other.

Thunderstorm and rain showers of Sunday 2nd June have disrupted the BSNL network at Debari and Dabok. When few locals of the area contacted R.N. Mathur, General Manager of BSNL, he said that the problem is caused by electricity supply failure which can be fixed only by AVVNL.

When UT reached R.N. Mathur, he said, “If we don’t get adequate power supply, we cannot restore network.” Mathur also said, “Battery backups of the towers are not so strong and to generate signals we need undisrupted power supply.”

“The problem in some specific areas are occurring may be because the related department has made changes in the frequency or changes in the supply of the electricity after the last rain fall”, said Mathur.

When contacted K.S. Sisodia Superintendent Engineer AVVNL, he said, “There is no lack of power supply from our side nor we made any changes in the frequency, BSNL have their own DGs which work as a backup in case of electricity disruption.”

“Power cuts happen in cities, but that’s not for long hours and we try our best to keep everything working; Sisodia says, “If the DGs are not charged they won’t work in the time of power cut and cause problems.”

No final solution has come out for locals of the area who are highly dependent upon BSNL mobile network.

BSNL is giving excuse of low power supply, while AVVNL is rejecting any changes in power supply.

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