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Rajni Dangi Reacts on Illegal Dumping


After a number of reports on illegal dumping of solid waste in and around residential areas, the Udaipur Municipal Council Chairperson, Rajni Dangi reacted and asked for the details of the matter, stating that UMC has limited area of work.

Rajni Dangi added that city areas which are sub-divided into various wards are under the UMC responsibility for cleaning and maintenance, while in the remaining localities the Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) must take care of cleanliness apart from development.

Dangi clearly mentioned that such disposals are unethical and will be stopped after taking necessary action, she however requested localities of such areas to catch drivers if they are seen disposing waste illegally in their locality.

On last night’s incident where a truck was disposing Jal Kumbhi in Bhuwana in a lake, Dangi refused to consider the place as a lake saying that lake borderers are being marked by UIT.

On civic service grounds, Dangi also pointed that being public servants, thought they are obliged take care of citizens needs, water connections are under PHED, roads are the responsibility of PWD and development is the responsibility of UIT.

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