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Rajput Community Agitated over Newly Married Girls Suicide


The representatives of Rajput Community protested today morning outside the Mortuary at MB Hospital, after a newly married woman died during treatment, after she set herself on fire on 2nd August 2013.

Darshana Rathore, a 29 year old woman who married Mahendra  Singh on 20thMay, 2013 b set herself ablaze in the morning hours on 2nd August allegedly due to continuous harassment on Dowry by her husband and in-laws.

Darshana informed Police before breathing her last at the Hospital that her husband and in-laws, specially her parents-in-law used to harass her for Dowry and often used to threaten her for life.  She informed her father Shamboo Singh about the scene but before he could meet his daughter, she set herself on fire to commit suicide, as per Shamboo Singh.

A resident of Shri Ram Colony ,Pratap Nagar, her Parental Home, Darshana had done her Masters in Commerce from B.N. College, as informed by her father.

Further, as per information provided by Shamboo Singh, his son-in-law had started harassing Darshana from the very next day of the marriage for Dowry.  Darshana used to often inform her father about the torture at her in-laws house situated at Pemdia Kheda Village, Nimbaheda.

After the incident her father-in-law,Gopal Singh rushed her to Nimbaheda, seeing many of the neighbors gather outside her house, hearing her screams, as per Shamboo Singh.

She was referred to M.B Hospital yesterday for further treatment, where she died while being treated.  Shamboo Singh has thus, given a written complaint against his daughters husband and in-laws of provoking her to commit suicide.

A few minutes after she was declared dead, people from the Rajput Community accumulated at the Mortuary and refused to move the body of the deceased from the mortuary until and unless her in-laws were arrested.  Police have rushed to the scene and controlled the situation by informing the people that the husband of the deceased woman was already detained by the police at Nimbaheda Police Station, as per police.

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  1. jace says

    Dowry in the present name of “Gift”, a traditional curse to the women in our “decent” society.. sad to see the conditions of the women in our society. :(


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