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Rajput Community Objects to TV serial on Maharana Pratap


Claiming it to be wrong, misleading and unreal, the Kshatriya Community of Udaipur has expressed anger over the TV serial being aired on Sony TV, “Bharat ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap” based on Maharana Pratap. The community is preparing to take legal action against it.

Tanveer Singh Krishnavat, patron of Sakal Rajput Mahasabha said that the serial on Sony is insulting the character of Maharana Pratap; incidents of Pratap’s life are presented erroneously.

Krishnavat said that Maharana Pratap was the first freedom fighter of India; he was accompanied with many Muslim fighters and supporters from Mewar. “He fought for freedom against the Mughals; Maharana Pratap was not anti-Muslim”, said Krishnavat.

The TV serial is showing Maharana Pratap as opposing the Muslims, which is wrong and defaming the persona of Maharana Pratap.

A statewide protest might take place in the coming days; Rajput organizations are also preparing to approach the High Court.

The serial “Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap” is produced by Cantiloe Entertainment and is being aired since May 27, 2013 on Sony channel.

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  1. sitibaja says

    The Battle of Haldighati is widely but wrongly perceived as a Hindu-Muslim conflict, but this is not the case. Both armies had a mix of Hindus and Muslims. Whereas Hakim Khan Sur fought for Rana Pratap, Akbar’s army was commanded by the Rajput king of Jaipur, Man Singh.

    Every year a commemorative festival is held at Haldighati where his memorial is located. During the reign of Maharana Udai Singh ,Karbala warrior’s descendents, Hakim Khan Suri came to Mewar. He later on declared to be a commander(senapati) of Maharana Pratap’s army and fought bravely in the battle of Haldi Ghati. Hakim Khan fighting with Maharana pratap and Raja Man along with Akbar, clearly establishes the fact that the battle of Haldi Ghati was fought against imperialistic and expansionistic design, and it was not a communal one, Hakim Khan was one of trust worthy person and he helped Rana to escape alive from battle ground. he is a matchless example of extraordinary valour, bravery,sacrifice,honesty, faith and duty. He was the treasurer of Rana Pratap. Wikipedia.
    Objection by Tanveer Singh is sustained.

  2. Rohan Gupta says

    After so many years of living in Udaipur, I’ve never heard before that Maharana Pratap was anti-muslim. TV people will do anything for TRP.

  3. Love Rajputs says

    I dont understand which part of the tv show is showing maharana pratap as antimuslim.. The show only shows he is patriotic to his motherland which is oviously not anti muslim . This show is so good.. The character depicts of an Indian Warrior not a hindu warrior.. Why are u making the common folk bias.

  4. JAIN LALIT says

    jab t v me maharana pratap ka serial ata hai to piche bekgraund me musib diya karo ples tab dekhane me acha lagta hai

  5. shantha says

    why don’t u people produce the same which is there in the history books. we along with our kids sit to watch the shows especially historical serials like chandra gupt, rani laxmi bai etc. in the begining the episodes are watchable, when it comes to adulthood we never encourage our kids to watch the serial which we do in the begining. why u people never think of what you are showing? is it really needed the bedroom scenes, first night scenes to be shown in the serial? when u taken the responsibity to show the charecter of the particular person, pls dont try to dig how he was with his wife and so on. because we know it. pls concentrate only on the patriotic part and not the personal part because we dont need any scenes to be part of such a nice shows. i lost interest when laxmi bai marriage episodes started in the serial. hope this does not happen in the rana pratap serial.

  6. a true indian says

    Its really commendable that shows like maharana pratap are being presented to our generation. They beautifully present the valor and patriotism of maharana pratap, but on the other hand they are showing the mughals and muslim rulers in a very bad light. A recent episode of the serial showed bairam khan as being extremely inhuman and cruel and Akbar as a vindictive son. It was very disturbing to hear those insane dialogues, specially with children along, who study about these rulers with a much more positive aspect.
    Its good to promote the positivity of maharana pratap but its unfair to present mughals with extreme negativity.
    The makers of the serial must not forget that akbar was a great emperor under whose rein india prospered and they cannot tarnish his image in order to promote maharana pratap as a hero.

  7. Dilip says

    Maharana pratap serial is a very good & one of the best Patriotic seriol. In the serial there is no Anti muslim behaviour instead it is very Deshabhathi ka serial hei. If Mogals are came to India(Bharath) as a looter & invaders. How they can be good. So all the Mogals from Babar to Aurangzeb are only Human beings they are rakshas,Criminals, Rapists,Looters etc. One message to Indian muslims that don’t compare yourselves with Babar or any Moghals. Aap nath jodna hei hamara deshse -Bharathse. Then only you are eligible to live in India.

  8. says

    Is this serial based on the life of Maharana Pratap or is this supposed to be fiction? What they are showing is not true and is tarnishing the image of Maharana Pratap. They are showing that every time Maharana Pratap fought, he always lost and somebody else had to save him ! That shows him as a loser ! This time they crossed all boundaries. On the Diwali day when the pooja was being conducted in Mewar, the ruler of Boondi was organizing the hanging of Dudha ! How is that possible? In those days, the puja was conducted according to the time of mahurat because that time was considered to be very important and auspicious. All Kings used to follow that. How is it possible that the ruler of Boondi was not doing Diwali Puja at that time? They also showed that Maharana Pratap was going out of Mewar into another kingdom (Boondi) and taking the law into his own hands. Where in history is all this written? Can the producer of this serial prove that they have read this in history ?

  9. says

    Another point is that Akbar became the king of Delhi at the age of 14 and Maharana Pratap was two years older than Akbar so he was 16 at that time. In the current episodes, Akbar has already became the king so why are they still showing Faizal Khan as Maharana Pratap? The size of a 16 yr old rajput boy is fully grown size (at least in terms of height) so what is the reason of showing Maharana Pratap still as a kid?

  10. shirish says

    Anyway aim of Mughals (especiallyAKBAR) was to kill all the indial kings………….The terrorist attacks are going on since year1011……they tried to kill Shivaj Maharaj, Bajirao Peshva
    (Pune Maharashtra), even Maharana Pratap they were not good………………

  11. Sandeep Singh Kushwah says

    Totally agree that serial is not totally true, donno if sakhaveer part is correct or not… But becuse these heros were not explained in detail like mahabharat or ramayana, One can never be very sure about the authenticity of the character.

    Would like to put in few pointers about the Muslims sentiments,
    1) the show is drwaing relation beteeen rajputs and mughals and afganis, not against Muslim. Specifically.
    2) in the begining of the show there was a character named muhammad chacha was very close to pratap and was killed by shamsh khan so there were mualims from rajput side also.
    3) no Muslim was from Indian soil they came from out side and they themselves or their ancestors killed Indians. Later on they became part of India.

  12. says

    bairam khan was the one who built a wall with heads of living relative of raja hemu in it.. he was really cruel and brutal and what they are showing is correct

  13. Bahram says

    To all commenters here, thanks for your enlightenment. Please allow me to add something more from my little knowledge:

    You all are absolutely correct that Maharana Pratap was not anti-Muslim and he was fighting to save his kingdom from the Mughals. Who would not do that? Why then a brave and patriot great soul like Pratap being vilified as an anti-Muslim freedom fighter? I have no clue. But on the other hand, Akbar is called the Great(?!). When Raja Udai Singh failed to save his kingdom from Akbar’s atrocities, he deployed his son Jaimall and Putt. But these two were killed viciously by Akbar the “Great”. His Din-e-Elahi not only deviated Muslims but Hindus alike. He removed the veil, a sign of dignity worn by Hindu and Muslim women alike, and banned it. He maintained a harem of about 5000 women. When playing chess, he used live, attractive young women as play-piece/pawn. And after the games, these women were to serve as sex slaves of Akbar. So, now would you call such a swine as “Great”? But you will find no shortage of homage made and paid by Western and Indian historians and authors alike.

    By the way, I am a Muslim and have no shame to criticise Ak (****) Bar (Bare) the (D) Great(grade).

  14. Hindustani says

    The pseudo-seculars have raised their ugly heads. These are fanatics and intolerant of the true nature of Moghuls being brought to the light of the people.

    Most of the Muslims living in Hindustan have their ancestors as hindus and forcefully converted to Islam. I smell some dirty politicians are behind this game plan to appease the muslims for vote-bank politics.

    Dear Muslim brethren, be aware . By changing your religion you can;t change your DNA.
    Love India love your ancestors.

    Be a Abdul Hamid, be a APJ Abdul Kalam and prove your love for this Country and countryman.

    We have forgiven the wrong doings of Babur, Akbar and Auranjebs. We want to wipe out them from the from our history book as night mares.

  15. Akash says

    Not only Akbar, all the kings of that time were so cruel and considered women as toys. Never forget Protap also had 11 wives…..

  16. says

    Why all the hate? Today we have mantained healthy and even friendly relations with Muslims and Hindus alike. The people of the past have made mistakes, yes; but why not learn from them and trt to avoid them. We are re creating the war fought thousands of times before with no end. Just because someone is Muslim, doesn’t make them evil to Hindus or if someone is Hindu also doesn’t make them cruel to Muslims.
    We have to move on from our past and learn from it. Yes, Akbar was a womanizer but he did make India(Bharat) a much better place to live. Maharana Pratap was anti – Afghan but he was not a soulless killer.
    These are the greats of our past who have admitted their grieviest mistakes so that we may avoid them.
    Don’t hate who they were, my friends. Respect what they did.

  17. Jai says

    History other than in the form of symbolic representatiaon as in Ramayan and Mahabharat is divisive. Its useless for common people. We in current generation will take a long time to understand this truth from wise people.

  18. Manish Sharma says

    Ye saas bahu ka eoisode please dikhaana band karo…jo hum log Maharana Pratap Ji jee ke baare main dekhna chaahte hain..please wo dikhaaiye…we respect Maharana Pratap Ji…please ye bakwaas band kijiye…



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