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Rajput Community protests against Maharana Pratap series on Sony


More than 50 people of Rajput Community met with District Collector Vikas Bhale and handed over a memorandum against the ongoing TV series of Sony Television based on Maharana Pratap. The community alleged that historical facts are modified according to the whims and fancies of producers and do not present factual history.

The memorandum presented under the banner of Akhil Bhartiya Rajput Mahasabha mentioned that the story and personality of Maharan Pratap is modified in the series which does not present true picture of the real life hero of Mewar. The memorandum further reads that even the dressing style, way of greeting and language has been distorted in the series that pictures a wrong image before coming generations.

The memorandum was presented by Prabhu Singh Chouhan and other related members of Mahasabha. The series is relayed on Sony television every day from Monday to Thursday at 10 pm. The community claims that the modified history of Maharana does not only affect the history of Mewar, but also the history of the whole of India.

The community members demanded that all the misguiding facts should be removed from the serial or such T.V. serial which presents wrong example of social brotherhood and integrity should be discontinued and notified that an appropriate decision is not taken soon, then the whole community will protest strongly.

2 years ago

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  1. M A Bohra says

    A very welcome move on the part of enlightened members of Rajput Mahasabha. In fact the whole curricula of Indian history being taught to children in schools are a distorted and biased material prepared by the colonial power in India. The initiative taken by the Sabha members reflect the centuries old traditions of Mewar.

  2. Vipin Fatawat says

    Its true most of the fact in the serial is far away from the truth, need to remove this misguiding facts so the new generation could aware from the truth.

  3. SALMAN N KHAN says

    this is regarding the episode aired on 16 sept, 2013
    in the episode it was clearely said bu uday singh that humayun had shaked hand with bahadur shah but accoording to the weekipidea and other historical books it is clear that mughal army under humayun had come to chittor for the rani’s help.
    I don’t understand why are the history being modified. why the mughal army which united india into one is being developed into a hatefull empire in the young mind of indian children.
    is there any censore board responsible for this.

  4. shirish says

    Anyway mughals were from outside india…………………….they didnt have any rights to capture our country………..why they should come here??????????

  5. patel says

    i am against director abhimanyu singh of serial maharana pratap.he is not showing the actual facts and real history of maharana pratap .he is just mking different story and just doing timepass so that he can earn money. in jhansi ki maharani serial he does the same thing.he took more than two years to complete the serial by showing duplicate jhansi ki rani and lots of fake stories.

  6. Niketa Sharma says

    It will be great if people stop criticising and learn to take positive lessons. Moreover Wikipedia was not made 500 hundred years back nor its makers are masters of history


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