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Rajshree Colony, a pool of misery

Rajshree Colony near Bohra Ganesh area is one of the most affected areas of Udaipur which has witnessed heavy water logging on the road and houses after the heavy downpour in Udaipur last night. The area is still submerged with water and there is no way out to solve the problem of the unfortunate residents who feel sandwich between the administration and the owner of Vinayak Vatika. rajshree The residents are angry and tired of the situation. “We had called the administrative officials and politicians last night but nobody picked up our calls. So why they all are coming here begging for vote when they can’t see or hear or plead?” said one of the residents of Rajshree Colony. The problem is the vatika (a marriage garden) which is coming in between the construction of half built canal to discharge the water in Ayad river from Rajshree colony but who or what is coming in between is not known. The people of the colony say that it is all because of the Vatika owner who is not ready to talk or come to any point of compromise with us and the authority. On the other hand UIT is feeling helpless as they can’t do anything till the owner of vatika don’t agree on a point. As usual the executive engineer of UIT, Anil Nepaliya said, “There is a stay order on building a canal over this vatika, so we can’t take any action. However, we will go to the court against the stay order taken by the land owner and will appeal to withdraw the said judgement.” But question is when? When these procedures will start and when it will finish? Millions of cases are piling up for last 50 years and many are older than that too. Or we are just waiting for a flood to level all the difference between each other, killing a few people and then coming up with mute faces saying sorry. Just another After Bathe of Rain!
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  1. BASIL says

    Thank you Sayeed Ahmed.
    Could you publish the pictures of Sherkot(city wall) from Kishanpole to Surajpole.I feel it will give good historical facts and show encroachments which were responsible for collapse during this rainy season..



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