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Relatives discovered Man hanging in his room for last 2 days

A 50-year-old man hanged himself in his room on 16th Oct but the incident came to light yesterday on 18th Oct. Consequently the body was hanging for the last two days. The bizarre incident occurred at Dangiyon ka Guda Village, Pratap Nagar.

Victim Rooplal Gameti, a labourer committed suicide by hanging at his house. At the time of incidence, Rooplal’s wife and children were not at home while Rooplal’s elderly parents are dependent because of very weak eye sight and didn’t know about their son’s whereabouts.

When the victim’s mother didn’t meet her son for two days, she went to her another son living nearby and informed him. When brother of victim checked his room, he found Rooplal hanging from the roof.

According to the police, the victim was alcoholic and might have taken the extreme step under the influence of liquor.

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  1. vijay says

    These suicides have become too common. Is it because of alcohol or there is something else? Like under employment!


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