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Rendezvous With X Factor of Udaipur Shahnwaz Khan

The first name which comes in our minds when one talk about X FACTOR is Shahnawaz Khan popularly known as “Bunty”. This promising star of Udaipur has made us all proud by being amongst the top five in X Factor aired on Sony Entertainment Television.

His journey to Mumbai has not been a one nights’ dream but an 18 years long struggle. His dream started since his childhood and with his ‘never say die attitude’, he has risen to this level.

Shahnwaz started his journey with the support and guidance of his family. Since his childhood he has always been fascinated towards music and started his career with Lyord Group Orchestra as a singer.

Without any practical training he has also learnt to play various musical instruments along with his passion for singing. To give him a good platform to showcase his talent, his father started The Blue Star Orchestra.

He spent 10 years in OMAN singing with a group in a 5-star hotel. He returned to India for marriage and as is generally said that behind every successful man there is a woman, his wife turned out to be his charming stone.

Shahnawaz has received tremendous accreditation from all over India for his performance in X-Factor’s Deewana Group including his hometown Udaipur where a grand welcome was initiated when he came on the occasion of the birth of his daughter.

How a simple looking, hardworking, middle class man reached to extreme point of success is a long, sweet-sour story. Shahnawaz is an inspiration for many now; the best would be asking Shahnawaz himself about his long journey to X Factor.

Here is an excerpt from an interview with Shahnawaz Khan aka Bunty.

How did your journey to X Factor start?

I was in Delhi performing in a show when I got a call from my friend asking me to go for X Factor auditions in Indore. My friend Ashok Gandharv (a member of Deewana Group) inspired me to try my luck. We both then participated in auditions and were rejected. Suddenly an idea rose in my mind to form a group as it was for the first time that group participation was invited. Then we started looking for singers who could be part of our group. We got 4 members from MP and that was the birth of “DEEWANA GROUP”.

How were the initial days of your struggle?

I was just mad about singing. I never missed a single opportunity that had come to my doorsteps. Sometimes for money and sometimes for nothing but I never left my passion for music.

Whom do you call as the creator of todays’ Shahnwaz Khan?

With all my gratitude, I would love to give this credit along with my family to my two teachers, Ma’am Vinay Bhatnagar and Late. Wahid Khan Sahib. Together they all nourished my talent and made me what I am today.

What does music mean to you?

Music is my soul. Just like fragrance compliments a flower, energy compliments the sun, music compliments me. I cannot think of a single day without music. Singing is my passion and music is my life.


Who is your favorite singer?

To name one would be unfair, but I always wanted to be a part of Sonu Nigam’s Gharana in X Factor 2011 as he has always been an ideal mentor for all singing aspirants.

You must have sung so many songs but which song is the closest to your heart?

Bunty in Udaipur was, is and will always be remembered for A R Rehman’s VANDE MATRAM….I sang this song with altogether different beats and people loved it and so did I.

Other than singing what do you love to do?

I love playing keyboard and doing remixing of songs by changing their music.

Which was the toughest moment for you in Mumbai?

The moment when I had to choose between Dharma and Karma and I chose Karma, to make it simpler I couldn’t be with my wife when she needed me the most and that was the day when I was blessed with a sweet little daughter.

Which was the most unforgettable moment at X Factor?

When the legend Mr. Amitabh Bachhan kissed my sweet little daughter in front of thousands of people…I felt …..this is it!

What message would you like to give to the youth of Udaipur?

I would just say…that please don’t let your dreams shatter. Dare to dream and have the zeal to make it come true…there is no shortcut to success but hard work and commitment.

Belief in one self is the only driving force towards success.

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  1. Krati Bansal says

    Hey Congrats Bunty Bhaiya. You may not remember me, but I have performed some dance shows with you on music. He is a great guy with lots of enthusiasm and a big smile. Kudos for your achievments!! get going…

  2. vinodpatel says

    congratulation bunty bhia ……………………………………………………………………………so mera comment ye hein ki mera bhi bachpan se singar banne ka sapna hei,,,,or meine jab aapko pehli bar udaipur mein dekha tho muje eisa laga jaise ki mujme or bhi josh a gyaa hein…….or meri ye jid hein ki mein singar banunga or …..or aapko kahi na kahi milunga …….

    …..thanks….yaad rakhna…..you are my ideal


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