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Residents object re-establishment of public urinal near Temple


People living near Jagdish Chowk expressed agitation and hurt to the Municipal Commissioner’s office today complaining about a public urinal being re-established at Jagdish Mandir’s wall.

The crowd was led by Mohan Devi Suthar, Municipal Councilor, ward 10.

According to the people, the urinal established from last 25 years was thrashed down by the residents as it was polluting the aura and dignity of the temple.

They alleged, former councilor Geeta Paliwal for intentionally provoking such non-religious act.


“In past, the Geeta Paliwal promised to remove the urinal from the sacred place but didn’t pay any attention after winning the polls. Finally, when public smashed it down, she is now opposing the act. She is the only person in the ward to oppose”, said Rituraj Mishra, a resident of Jagdish Chowk

“We have the orders of the District Collector to re-establish the urinal at the same place where it was”, said Satya Narayan Acharya, Municipal Commissioner.

Acharya said that if locals can provide us a letter regarding the issue from Devasthan then we can think upon the matter.

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  1. vijay says

    When you can urinate in public, why spend , precious money, on building urinals? On Fatehsagar there are two Sulabh Sauchalayas , but still people like to do it in the “open air.”
    Jai Ho


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