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[Restaurant Review] Quick Bite at Mini Meals


Mini Meals, a new endeavor by Biryani House is located at Chetak Circle. The restaurant’s aim is to provide fixed thali/platter with food quantity that would suffice an ordinary meal intake.

We chose to sit in Biryani House’s dining hall, which is a big let down for a Pure Veg if there are people dining inside.

The hall is closely packed with tables and chairs and is devoid of ventilation which directly means that you have to breathe in Chicken aroma while trying to enjoy your Kadhai Paneer.

A person can also choose to eat by the outlet itself because the lunch is a hurried one, providing mini version of a filling thali. They also offer a-la-carte for those who like customizing their choices.

The waiters use a sealed water bottle to fill the glasses and are extremely humble while talking. The vintage photographs of Udaipur City hanging on the pale walls also attempt to make one feel like they belong.

We skipped their fixed thali and ordered individual items. The first thing they brought was:

Lassi and Buttermilk

The Lassi was very sour but the Buttermilk was great. I don’t know why they served these first because these are generally consumed along with the meal.

Beetroot Kebab


This is an attempt that I’ve rarely seen restaurants take. The kebab are made using beetroots, are completely vegetarian and fun to think about. The kebab were shaped delicately, they broke when picked and were extremely spicy! The ginger and garlic paste was in excess and elevated the alarming spicy taste of the dish.

My personal complaints kept aside, this dish, I think, would be admired by most. But be warned, it’s very spicy!

Mixed Vegetable


This contained carrots, cauliflowers, green peas and oil. The oil part disturbed me the most and which is the only fault I find in the restaurant that should be fixed immediately. The Mix Veg was average and feasible for a person looking for a quick bite of a meal, nothing special though.

Kadhai Paneer


The paneer was soft and fresh. The gravy delectable and not as oily as Mix Veg but not very memorable either.

Dupad Roti and Laccha Parantha


Dupad Roti was something new! It’s very thin roti, almost like Rumali Roti and large as well. I’d actually never heard of the name before. Laccha Paranthas were great. Both of them were best when hot.

This made up our meal. It was not as quick as I’d expected, given the name Mini Meals but then it’s not a major problem.

The major problem is the excessive use of oil, which can be avoided very easily if wished so. The Manager of the place is extremely nice to talk to and guides the consumer to help them choose the best and I believe he’ll consider this suggestion and carry it forward.

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Have a great Sunday!

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