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RNT Fails to Provide Basic Hygienic Necessities to Hostel Residents?


Reputed as one of the premier Medical Colleges in the country, the Rabindra Nath Tagore Medical College is falling much short of the expected hygiene standards expected even from an average education institution, as far as residential premises of students are concerned.

In a detailed conversation with residents of the hostels at RNT Medical College, UT correspondents were informed of the near pathetic conditions of the hostels and common areas available for student residents in RNT.


“No emphasis has been laid by the college administration on the hygiene within the rooms and common areas of our hostels.  We are living in miserable conditions”, said one of the students residing in the hostel.

Another student, explained in detail the condition of the common areas that need to be regularly used, like the toilets.  He said, “The toilets stink significantly.  No wash basins in the hostel toilets, urine is spilled everywhere as the drainage is in bad shape.  The administration, it seems is not duly spending the Crores of rupees that are being allotted to them under the heads of maintenance and repair for the college and hostels.”


Chetan Saraswat, President of RNT Medical College Student Welfare Council 2012-13 said, “All hostellers are either resident doctors or students of MBBS, would be future Doctors.  Being Doctors we advise people to maintain the hygiene at their homes and work place in order to stay healthy.

On the other hand, we ourselves are staying in miserable conditions.  Tube Lights are missing in the rooms, no replacements are provided.  The common areas and corridors are falling short of lighting due to missing tube lights.  Fans are out of order and moreover there is only one water cooler between more than 500 hostellers.  No proper facilities or furniture is provided.

To top of all this, in a few rooms the plasters from the walls and ceilings are coming off, causing an imminent danger of serious injury to the residents.  On going to the PWD, we are given false assurances and eventually no action is taken”.



Saraswat also said that the College Administration is getting Crores in the name of maintenance but not spending the amount, resulting in the deteriorating condition of the hostels and college facilities.

Piyush Kapoor, a Second Year student informed that the conditions of the walls are in such a pathetic condition that some students use posters to hide the walls and some cover them with newspapers.  The Mess area stinks and is unhygienic.  He said that it was difficult to even sit in the Mess area for long to eat food as it stinks and is in a very unhygienic condition.


Recently, more than 25 students were affected by Dengue fever due to the unhygienic conditions.  A few days back a ceiling fan crashed to the ground, fortunately no one was injured.  The windows do not have glass on them, the doors are broken and lying open, inviting theft or other disasters in the future.

Piyush also said that all these points have already been informed to the administration, but it falling on deaf ears.

The students, have got together and have requested the authorities to provide them with basic necessities and hygienic living conditions as a minimum requirement.

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  1. Triptajoshi says

    Very sad to see the plight of the college.At a recent 50 years of RNT celebration quiet a bit of money must have been spent.Perhaps it should have been used to improve the condition of the hostels rather than build an expensive ‘gate’ in front of the college building which obviously has no practical use.

  2. vijay says

    This is deplorable. Specially considering that the authorities have the fund to correct the conditions. UT thanks for this pic-journalism, It is time for the administrators of RNT Medical College to pull up their socks. The administrators are mainly senior consulting doctors who are running private practice from their homes.
    Request to all the readers of UT to file an RTI (Right to Information) asking the authorities about the accountability of the funds allocated and fund spent on maintenance of these horrific conditions.
    RTI is simple to file and just costs Rs 10.00. I am filing mine right now.

  3. Floyd says

    I appreciate the UT for this initiative to bring to light the wretched and repulsive conditions in which the future health guardians of the country live in. I am more surprised by the fact that the college administration like the one at any other reputed medical college recieves a lot of funding from MHRD. If they spend even a small fraction of it towards improving the facilties at hostel, students can live and learn better in a more hygeinic place. The deplorable conditions as illustrated in pics in the article are no way conducing to studying and healthy living. I have myself lived in a hostel of a reputed government engineering college in India.. things were much much better out there… I feel pity for the MBBS students who study hard day in and day out to secure a good rank in entrance exam to secure a good rank and then end up living in such attritious hostel conditions.. Crores of money paid by the taxpayers is earmarked for bringing up development of educational institution in the country. But alas at RNT, there is total negligence. The hostels at govt medical colleges in other states and cities seem to be a lot better.. At the end of it, its not just the brand of RNT as a premium medical collegein India that is affected, but it is the City of Lakes Udaipur which where the college is located that bears the brunt.

    Last thought – Minds of young students living in such degraded conditions and whose plights are totally ignored, are breeding groungs for rebellious anti-social activities that we get to hear about students indulging in. If their minds are not happily peaceful, how can we expect them to grow behaviorally and intelluctually.

    Its time people of the city, the students community get together to unite and raise their voice to seek changes and betterment. Seek for answers from the administration in charge.


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