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Ron-Day-Voo to serve Wood Fired Pizzas in Udaipur


Wood Fired Pizzas will be available in Udaipur starting today, as a new bakery, Ron-Day-Voo has begun operations out of their premises at Chetak Circle today.  Ron-Day-Voo boasts of several varieties of bakeries, including snacks from Chinese Cuisines and Sizzlers.

The owners Mamta Lodha and Ravindra Singh Shekhawat are confident of Ron-Day-Voo as the bakery has many new things to offer like a Wood Fired Pizza oven, which is a conventional style oven where Pizza will be cooked over wood, which will serve as fuel.


“There is no place in Rajasthan that serves Pizza prepared in a Wood Fired Oven”, said Mamta Lodha, who is qualified in hotel administration and has experience in the food industry.

Ravindra Singh Shekhawat, on the other hand, has served in 5 Star hotels like Taj and Oberois.


Ron-Day-Voo has a team of 9 qualified chefs and bakers and has space for dine in too. Though no home delivery has started yet, the owners are going to start more services in near future.

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  1. Surendra says

    Wish you Good luck and success. As I have seen at least 5-6 signage changing in last 8 year at this place.

  2. Aziz says

    My experience at RON-DAY-VOO

    This place is run by unprofessional and untrained staff. I have summarized the reasons as brief as I can

    1. We ordered lemon tea. It was served as hot water with a tea bag. The staff does not know that if they are providing a “tea bag” tea then they should place a plate/tissue paper to put the tea bags on. We have to ask them to bring the plate.

    2. The pizza served was cold. The justification the staff gave it was due to AC. It’s amazing their kitchen have Ac’s. Anyhow they didn’t bother to replace it or make it warm. Even the owner (the lady in the picture above) was there but she too pretended to be oblivious and did not intervene.

    3. Please check the prices with the staff before ordering any menu item. The prices of the food items I ordered were significantly higher on the bills I received as compared to the prices on the menu. The reason they give “The new menu booklet is in printing and the rates mentioned have been revised”. Now this is surprising, it’s hardly been any time since they opened and they are revising their rates again. The staff did not bother to rectify the prices in the menu or inform the customers about the revised rates.

    4. The menu card has lot many items but mostly are not available so don’t keep high hopes seeing the menu. There were 60-70% items which were not available.

    5. Lastly and most importantly they are not providing a proper bill. After asking and waiting for few minutes they gave us a simple cash memo page without a TIN number with the order and its amount with two stamps on it. One says “RON-DAY-VOO BAKE ‘N’ CAFÉ” and another one “Red Berry Foods Shop No 4/73 Chetak Circle Udaipur MOB 9413793743”

    Now coming back to the taste – their so called “Pizza prepared in a Wood Fired Oven” was like a Roti served with vegetable on it. It wasn’t crispy and due to coriander leaves it tasted like a sabji.The sizzler was good. We had a fruit pudding which after discussion with staff we agreed on having it in a cup but ended up eating in a glass (they have reasons for everything – this time something which we did not get, this was it – we have take away and glasses are readily available so ….)

    We were quite impressed with the varieties in coffee menu ; cappuccino, mocha, etc, though mostly are not available. Anyhow we ordered Mocha and believe me it was the worst coffee I had so far. It was water and small quantity of milk with a pinch of coffee in it. This is not what we have expected. We have to ask them to make it strong and they added a pinch more to it and still we were not ok so they got us full bottle of coffee powder to add accordingly. Guess what they did not provided the spoon to stir our coffee so we have to ask for that too. The coffee seems to be a Nescafe one which they are serving as Mocha.

    It’s was totally annoying experience but to be not biased on my opinion I went there again (yes after so much disappointment – let’s give a person a benefit of doubt). Ordered a lemon tea and again it was served in a glass with tea bag in it and off course without a plate. We had a sizzler too and while eating it I suddenly started coughing, nobody cared to provide some water. When I felt better I asked for the water and they said they don’t have plain water so you would have to pay for the water also. I told them not to bother.

    It’s interesting to see people who have qualified in hotel administration and has experience in the food industry as well and who have worked in 5 star hotels do not teach their staff the basic etiquettes on how to satisfy a customer as if they don’t really care.

      • Aziz says

        Bhai Nadeem, aisa hai ki yeh mera review nahi hai, this is just my experience which I wanted to share. Aur personal khundak hoti tho I would have never gone there, if you have read above carefully you will notice that I went there twice and then I formed an opinion about this place. Why don’t you yourself visit this place and write a review on UT. Look I am not their relative that i would recommend this place nor I am their enemy that i would ask people not to visit this place. This is my experience and people can go and check this place themselves. It’s all about professionalism and a person can appreciate it only when he himself is a professional. I being in an IT field can understand and appreciate the basic etiquettes and standards expected from any service industry. Better hai aap bhi jaoo, ho sakta hai khuch service mai improvement hua ho tho hum bhi wapas janay kai baray mai sochae ge.

        • yuvi says

          My Experience at RON DAY VOO was too good..kyuki maine pehli bar udaipur me aisa koi restro dekha hai jha ki service itni achhi thi ki maine apne friends ko bhi suggest kiya..but pta nahi kyu Mr.Aziz ko itna azeeb experience hua shayad ho skta hai ye unka first experience ho kisi ache resto me, wese jha tk mera manna hai Ron Day voo jaisa dusra restro shayad he ho..as per my experience..but anyways isme Restro ka koi fault nahi hai agr aise customer aayenge jinhe ye bhi pta nahi ki pizza hota kya hai.den its his fault…

  3. deeps says

    I visited this place recently with some friends. While the ambience was OK, I was generally disappointed with the food and level of service. I mostly agree with Aziz’s observations above. There are much better options around.

  4. Ankit says

    Worst place to go with team of unprofessional people…..guess what I asked for hot coffee the waiter insisted me to take something else and then after 15 minutes he came back and sai sir milk khatam hogaya order jyada thy aaj as per our expectaions……
    I was shocked to hear that and the lady was least bothered as if it was a trend there…
    Worst place ever visited in udaipur


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