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Rs. 4 Lac looted from man standing outside bank


Two suspected robbers snatched Rs.4 Lac cash from an elderly man justminutes after he withdrew the money from the bank. The daylight incident took place today outside Axis Bank near UIT Bridge.

Police has alerted all their sources and launched manhunt to catch the accused robbers who came on motorcycle and snatched the bag containing cash from the victim Purna Shankar (63).


Ad.S.P City Dr Rajesh Bhardwaj, Dy S.P Murlidhar and SHO Ambamata Police Station ShivPrakash rushed to the scene and verified the situation.

According to the victim Purna Shankar, who works in a real estate company, he with one his colleagues Lokesh came to Axis Bank to withdraw cash of their boss.


After withdrawing Rs.4 Lac both came out of the bank and Lokesh went to take his motorcycle from parking while Purna Shankar was waiting for him.

Suddenly two men on a motorcycle came near Purna Shankar and snatched the bag containing cash. In no time, both accused fled away. Shocked victims informed their boss and police about the incident.

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  1. chirag sukhwal says

    enough is enough ,if the same scenario keep on happening then there is no security of a life of a human being in udaipur ,and i am feeling a ashamed and pissed off that the Superitendent police whoever he is ,he is not taking any strict action against the crime scenario ,going these days in udaipur ,I remember the time when our Superintendent police was Mr. Dinesh M.N at that time the level of crime was completely falled down and a citizen of udaipur were feeling safe ,but at today’s date there is no safety and no security guaranteed by udaipur police,Udaipur citizen is not safe today


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