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Rs. 75000 Theft at Fatehpura

A theft was reported at Fatehpura Police Chowki today evening, where the thieves looted asset and cash worth Rs. 75,000 from a house in Diamond Complex, Fathehpura.

In the words of the victim, Hatim Ali Sadriwala, House Owner – The family members went to Masjid for Namaz between 7 – 9.30PM. On returning, they discovered the gate of 3rd floor of their 3 storey house was broken.

They reported one 42’ LCD TV worth Rs. 50,000 and cash Rs. 25,000 stolen and informed Fathehpura Chowki.

Hatim Ali added, “Thieves also tried to get-into the 1st and 2nd floor but failed, and got successful in their attempt on the 3rd floor, yet the jewelry and gold are safe”. Hatim Ali is a businessman.

Police came on the scene and is investigating the case.

Reported By: Sayeed Ahmed

3 years ago

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  1. away from udaipur says

    I feel really sad on the condition of my once known peaceful,safe and beautiful city Udaipur when i read about such incidents.Recently i have also been a victim of a robbery when i visited the city last time and unfortunately this case also is from my immediate family.In my case we helped the udaipur police in all the possible manners(considering it as our duty) to get hold on the robbers and got successful but the agony is we are still waiting to recover our assests which is still lying with the court.How ironical it is is that our efforts have earned the praises for the police but nothing for ourself ! Such is the judicial system of my beloved country…..But coming back to the recent incident I think now it’s a high time that youngsters and adults of Udaipur should come out on the road and protest against government and security system of the city to stop these nuisance and take some major steps to protect the innocent residents.I have been reading such news since more than a year and I am wondering how come these thieves are still in such a high spirit inspite of many arrests.Something is definitely wrong and residents should get the answer from the government……Then they say that we should not complain and help government.Tell me how and why ?


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