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RTO Implements High Security Number Plates for vehicles


In order to put High Security number plates on the vehicles, the Regional Transport Office, Udaipur has closed all loops by setting up a Centre for High Security Number Plates in its premises, today at 12:30 pm. It is a Government of Rajasthan initiative in collaboration with the Transport department.

T. C. Damor, I. G., Udaipur Range, inaugurated the centre today.

“These numbers plates are according to the latest government standards, having special features such as laser code, locking system, and special number encryption. This will prove to be a great check on smuggling, terrorism, crime, etc.” said Jitendra Singh, Regional Transportation Officer.

Singh further added, “The new vehicles that will be out on the roads after today will be having this type of number plates, while, the old vehicles will be given a time period of two years for putting on the high security number plates”.


The Real Mazon Company has been assigned the task of manufacturing these special plates. The company has been provided open tenders with the State Government. Udaipur will be the fourth city in the State to implement these number plates.

Jitendra Singh concluded by saying, “My message to the public is to please follow the time period for renewing the number plates, whenever you are informed according to the vehicles series number. Help the administration to get their job done as soon as possible”.

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  1. vijay says

    Long awaited step, hope the implementation and follow up will be done earnest.
    Other side what will happen to those traders who are making those lovely creative number plates?


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