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School Teacher Announces to Donate Her Body after-death


35-year-old Rekha Menaria presented her wish before District Collector Vikas Bhale, Bhale accepted her aspiration and released an official statement that Rekha Menaria’s body will be used for medical purpose after her death.

“It was my wish to do something for the society, the intention of donating my body was going in my mind from last several months, I shared it with my husband and he accepted by decision”, said Rekha in a calm manner.

Living in a joint family at Bhuwana, Rekha teaches at a government school in Rajsamand District.


According to her wish, the body will be donated for medical studies, while her eyes will be donated to visually impaired person.

Speaking about her thoughts, Rekha said, “I wanted that even my death should be useful to the society and I believe that donating my body after death will be the best way”.

Rekha has filled the required forms for the procedure and presented before the Collector today afternoon. With this decision, Rekha as a teacher is trying to leave a lesson for the coming generations.

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