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Self proclaimed saint arrested for illegaly possessing 48 ancient statues


A team of Sukher Police raided an ashram situated in Kailashpuri and seized 48 valuable statues and arrested the accused who is a self proclaimed saint. The statues were found inside one of the rooms of Ashram.

The accused Ratan Suri alias Narendra is arrested under various sections of Indian Penal Code including Heritage Conservation Act 1996. As per police, Ratan Suri basically belongs to Gwalior, M.P but staying in the ashram from last 20 years.

Sukher police raided the ashram last night after receiving information about a large numbers of valuable statues kept illegally inside the ashram. The accused was intending to smuggle them.

Harendra Singh, SHO Sukher Police informed that an official from special police team received the tip-off after which a team of cops raided the ashram and seized valuable statues.

“Most of the statues seized are made of marble and have archeological importance,” said Harendra Singh.


During initial interrogation, it came out that the accused is a habitual offender and have many cases registered against him in Udaipur and Gwalior. The accused Ratan Suri was also allegedly in touch with other criminals.

Few days back, the residents of the same area reached administration to complaint about his suspicious activities. A man known to the accused informed that two girls also used to visit the ashram often. One of the girls is from Udaipur while other is from Dungerpur.

Annoyed by the suspicious activities going in Ashram, the residents gave written complaint to administrative officers.

Police has not disclosed the estimated values of the statues yet.

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  1. Madhulika says

    Could you please investigate what happened to the recovered ancient statues, where will they be safely stored. I hope the police who raided the ashram did not each end up taking some home.


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