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Several Snakes caught and rescued


Snake catchers of the city were brought into action with the start of rainy season with several cases of snakes being spotted in the residential areas reported today. Snake catchers Chaman Singh and Padam Singh Rathore caught several snakes today including an 8 feet long python, rat snakes and cobras.

An 8 feet long python was caught from Ekling Garh Army Camp by Chaman Singh. The python was left in the jungle of Jal Burj.

A cobra measuring almost 6 feet long was caught from Fateh Sagar’s Paal by Padam Singh Rathore. The snake was set free in the jungle of Sajjan Garh.


In other rescue operations, a 6 feet long cobra was caught from Agriculture College; a 7 feet rat snake was caught from Fateh Sagar’s Mumbaiya Bazar and a 7 feet long rat snake was caught from Badi Paal.

According to Padam Singh, the monsoon season forces more and more snakes to come out from ground as rain disturbs their habitat.

Chaman Singh – 982 805 8158 

Padam Singh – 982 959 7722, 941 423 4826


We have mistakenly written rattle instead of Rat Snake. This is due to our lack of knowledge and disturbing sound, while conversing with one of the snake catchers on phone. The mistake is corrected. Thanks to our respected critics and contributors for helping us.

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  1. vijay says

    More people should learn to catch these snakes. The trainers would be Chaman Singh and Padam Singh. Why not hold a work shop on “How to catch a snake?” surely the Chief Wildlife Warden has the financial power to conduct a 2-3 day training program.


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