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Several students from The Study qualifies for 2nd level of Science Olympiad


Utakarsh Saxena has entered the second level of Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) by qualifying for Cyber Olympiad, Science Olympiad and Math Olympiad conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation.

The other students selected for the 2nd level are:

International Mathematics Olympiad

Nishit Khamesra, Shreyansh Gupta, Paryul Jain, Aman Vaya, Prateek Pamecha, Ronak Jain, Utkarsh Saxena, Manan Vaya, Dhruva Nausaliya, Nilesh Vasita.

National Science Olympiad

Chitrang Juniwal, Shreyansh Gupta, Jatin Saxena, Ronak Jain, Shaurya Agarwal, Utkarsh Saxena, Manan Vaya and Dhruva Nausaliya.

While many of the above may be going to various coaching classes, Sheryansh Gupta’s father categorically said that his son does not attend any commercial coaching. His father, a forest officer, said that he spends one hour with his son after he comes back from school and according to him, a good school and an attentive student are enough to score well in these competitive exams. Principal of The Study added that with the change in CBSE assessment to Continuous and Comprehensive Education (CCE), the relevance of external coaching classes is becoming irrelevant as the students should be prepared to learn and think out of the box. Rote learning is “not” learning.

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