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Shalu Jain disappointed by Chief Minister


The acid attack survivor Shalu Jain who is on hunger strike from last 7 days felt disappointed with the response of Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje over her plea.


Shalu is demanding compensation against the assault she encountered in 2009. According to Shalu, she should get Rs.2 Lac as compensation and a house in government housing society. She was promised by a government official but did not receive any aid.

raje1Today while Vasundhara Raje was busy addressing the party meeting at Maa Pragya Vihar, Bhuwana, Shalu Jain with her handful of supporters was waiting outside to meet Raje.

After more than three hours, when Raje proceeded to leave, Shalu Jain approached her but Raje went away saying that she has no knowledge about the issue.

Disappointed by the response of CM, Shalu started weeping and said that she will continue her hunger strike.


Other groups including NREGA and Nursing Employees also tried to meet the Chief Minister. The NREGA workers were asked to send their representatives to Jaipur on 1st March for further discussion while nursing employees received assurance from Raje.

Vasundhara Raje proceeded to Railway Training ground where she left for Jaipur in special helicopter. All top party leaders, ministers and administrative officials were present there.

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  1. shamim says

    This is the real news, which shows a true response of political leader. They are spending crores in building UIT campus, auditorium and don’t have time to listen to common people !!

  2. Priya Sharma says

    कल हमारी सीयेम जी ने एक महिला होते हुए एक महिलसे 2 मिनट बात करना भी ठीक नही समज़ा इसका हमे बहूत दुख हे भालेहि उसकी माँगे पूरी नही करती पर कम से कम उससे बात तो करती, मे हमेशा BJP को वोट देती थी पर सीयेम का एसा बर्ताव देख कर लगता हे वोट देना ही बेकार हे !

  3. Sandeep says

    This is really embarrassing for the girl .
    They want publicity ,media hype,
    Big photos ,Honest support .
    But when it comes to delivery ,We hear the same irritating phrase — Mantri ji Busy hain.
    Aisa mantri hona hi bekar hai ki apne logon ke dard se hi begane ho jayein.

    Waqt sada ek saan nahin rehta !


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