Buy Diwali diyas from roadside-Appreciate the hard work

Spread smiles-Buy traditional मिट्टी के दीपक from roadsides.

Buy Diwali diyas from roadside-Appreciate the hard work

They are from rural areas and they have all the right to have a good festive season just like all of us. These people from the villages who put in hard work to light up the houses of the urban areas must be rewarded for their efforts. It is a humble request to everyone to buy diyas from the sellers sitting at road sides or those who deliver these diyas at your doorstep.

It is the season of Diwali and all of us are looking forward to light up our homes. As per the traditional system, we must light up diyas or deepaks after the ritual of cleaning our homes. In these modern times, many people light only a few diyas and the rest of the decoration is done by the electrical lights, more so the Chinese lights which are still available in the markets. This has brought down the income of these villagers who sit down for hours all together under the sun to make these diyas. In fact, if you take a look at the street corners and turns, you will find that the roadsides look amazing with the colourful traditional earthen diyas. Why not buy these diyas and take them home? This will not only maintain the tradition but also provide for food for these poor people.

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Buy Diwali diyas from roadside-Appreciate the hard work

Instead of rushing to the malls to buy the expensive decorated designer diyas, it is advisable to buy the earthen lamps from roadsides. They are beautiful and also cheap on the pocket and what we find cheap is seriously going to fill their stomachs. They fetch bread for the families by working so hard and all some people do is bargain for every penny and these are the same people who do not hesitate in spending too much on the designer stuff. And who knows that the stuff sold under the banner of designers is actually made by some of these people!!

It is not about pointing fingers but it is merely about who deserves the real pennies. Let us bring smiles to their faces and contribute in feeding the hungry families. LET US BUY TRADITIONAL EARTHEN DIYAS FROM ROADSIDES.

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