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Sister accuses Brother for Swiping off Jewelry from Bank Locker

Surajpol Police has lodged an FIR against Shakti Singh Mewar, son of Maharaja Narendra Singh Mewar for allegedly illegally accessing the Bank Locker that was owned jointly by his sister Madhulika Singh and their late mother Pratibha Rani.

According to the applicant Madhulika Singh, the locker at Vijaya Bank had precious jewelry and ornaments and the Bank Manager Bhagwan Das Lalwani allegedly gave unauthorized access to Shakti Singh without informing her.

She further alleged that few a precious ornaments have been found missing from the locker.  However, Shakti Singh denies all allegations and doubts a conspiracy against him, as he told UdaipurTimes.com in a telephonic conversation that he never visited Vijaya Bank.

According to the FIR, on 10th April 1996, a joint account was opened in Vijaya Bank, Bapu Bazaar in the names of Pratibha Rani and Madhulika Singh.  On 29th Dec 1999 jewelry was kept in Locker no.139.

After a few days of the death of her mother on 11th April 2012, the locker was allegedly opened by her brother Shakti Singh with the help of the Bank Manager.

Shakti Singh told UT, “a few months back a similar allegation was put on me and a written complaint was given to the S.P.  However, after initial investigations, the police closed the case, hence the frustrated conspirators now tried this to defame me.”

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