Indo-Pak cricket match creates curfew like scene in Udaipur

India wins over Pakistan in World Cup series-2019.

Indo-Pak cricket match creates curfew like scene in Udaipur

Hurrah!! India has won over Pakistan in the World Cup series. While the match was going on, the streets of Udaipur could be seen almost abandoned as the match created a curfew like scene in the city. Even the shopping malls were almost empty as compared to the other Sundays of any month.

Some people, who had forgotten about the match, were surprised to see nearly abandoned shopping malls and cafeterias. Even the shops that normally open on Sundays were found closed. Only once they realised that it was the day of cricket match between India and Pakistan, they understood the “curfew” and some were even seen trying to rush back home for the match. There was hardly any traffic though a good drop in temperature normally drags people out of their homes to the shopping areas, movie theatres and lake side.

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People moved out on the roads post India’s victory over Pakistan late night and that is when life in the city was witnessed after the entire day.

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