Inspection of hockey AstroTurf-Improvement required

Hockey astro turf in Khelgaon needs a lot of improvement.

Inspection of hockey AstroTurf-Improvement required

FCH team inspected the hockey astro turf in Khelgaon on Wednesday.The hockey astro turf was checked on international standards by the team from Federation of International Hockey. The team recommended that the astro turf be improved in certain aspects before being used on international level. The team pointed out technical defects and emphasised that improvement is needed to bring it at par with international standards.

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The team checked for ball travelling, pool the ball, ball bounce, sprinkler systems, sprinkler angle on the turf and suggested that a lot of improvement is required based on global standards. They also said that carpets need to be reset following the fault in the joints. The inside blocks of the astro turf are not of good standard and these will be replaced with e-shaped blocks. 22 metre area around the ground will be covered. The teams will also look into the technical aspects of other grounds in Khelgaon.

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