Schools must start cricket-football competitions for girls

Cricket and football for girl students needs to begin at school level.

Schools must start cricket-football competitions for girls

Sports organisations in Udaipur have demanded that competitions regarding football and cricket must begin at school level for female students. This demand was raised after analysing that female students who are good in these fields usually resort to open competitions to display their talents since they have no such facility at school level.

New proposals related to sports activities are being added at school level but these have not yet included any such activity for female students by the education department. The sports organisations are demanding that such competitions be organised for female students as well as there have been instances where females have displayed their talents in various sports activities. Girl students resort to open championships in the absence of any such facility at school. If such competitions are organised at school level, it will be more of a comfort for the students to let the world know that we have female students who can excel in the field of sports.

The sports activities that were enlisted in the Board of Secondary Education, Bikaner, had 18 different sports activities for which the department had asked for details of certain relevant arrangements at school level. Udaipur schools got approval for 8 such sports based on the facilities. Proposals were sent for wrestling and mal-khambh and a few others but there was no mention of cricket and football.

Schools must start cricket-football competitions for girls

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Competitions on district and state level are being held in cricket and football for girl students after which candidates are selected for national level. The girl students participate on their own and display their talents but if they get the benefit of such activities on school level, it is quite likely that we will have more of female talents in cricket and football backed by school.

As informed by the secretary of the football association of Rajasthan state, there has been a demand to start these important activities at school level but no attention has yet been paid to it. Girls have a great calibre in sports but it needs to begin at school level to encourage more and more girl students.

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